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Ongoing projects and yarn mainly originating from the Yarn House in Caterham, Surrey.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

See you in Boston

The back of the Easy Jacket is finished. I've put away the needles and packed it with the rest of the yarn. I think it's turning out great though. Can't wait to see everyone else's. I think Sue is doing hers in black, Katherine in purple and Phillipa in blue?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Need more KSH

I really don't remember liking this yarn this much. I made Birch almost 2 yrs ago now. Maybe it was all the concentration on the pattern. This time, I'm so excited to see this sweater grow. Sure it's stocking stitch but it has a slight danger element if you drop a stitch. This wrap will be lovely, light and warm. I think I need to buy more KSH before I leave England.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Couldn't help it

I have cast-on yet another project. It's been at least 2 months since the last one and I was going a bit crazy with all the throws. I decided to do Glad from Rowan 39 in KSH Lord colorway. 5 rows down! According to today's analysis, it's in 'my colors'. I'm hoping that it goes well. The last time I cast on a KSH sweater it got frogged after 3 rows (It was Icy from Rowan 30). I've made it further than that already so that's a good sign.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Desert Island Knitting

Just had another thought after the last post. I'm pushing lots of projects forward to get to a good 'stopping' point for them to be packed. This would be easier if I didn't cast on so many projects. Anyway... I'm trying to figure out what will come with me and what gets put into storage for the move. Granted, the things going into storage will probably be with us in 3-4 months tops. And I can pack a larger project in the air freight which will arrive 10 days after us. Still. I'll miss having access to all the yarn and books. Then there's the question of what gets put in the suitcase. If I was smart, I'd pack socks (small & portable). The weather will be hot but most places are air-conditioned so the cotton v. wool debate is moot. I just know that I'll be bored with only one project to work on for 2-3 weeks. I guess I could always check out the LYS in Boston...

So, if you had to choose just one project to work on during August, what would it be?

Is there anyone out there?

Ok, I start the blog for everyone to share and there have been no posts but mine! Well, I'll continue to post until someone else does. As you know, it's been too freakin hot to knit. So the Plaid throw has remained untouched. The red Rothko throw has increased from 11" to 16" thanks to a long car ride. No photo as it's too boring to record. The Calmer blanket is showing promise. I've progressed from the 4th block to the 7th! As the blocks become bigger, the knitting gets slower and I lose interest.

How is everyone's DB Easy Jacket coming along? I cast on for the back after the last knit & relax and have done 8". I'm making it slightly longer but still only a little way to go before starting the raglan shaping.

I hope everyone doesn't think they need to post photos. A quick post and comment is nice too.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making a Start

Ok, I'm going to start posting a few of my many many ongoing projects. They are all throws so I don't expect to finish them in the next few months. I'd like to hope that the Plaid throw will be ready for Winter. It's the Big & Cozy throw from Debbie Abrahams More Throws book. I decided to use Driftwood and Washed Pebbles instead of the red/orange colorway. It's knit up very quickly - 4 panels done in less than a week.

The next one is the Rothko throw from the Sarah Dallas book. It's done in her colorway in Handknit DK. I'm working on the first panel which is cast on a million stitches in red and work in ss until you pass out or run out of the 13 required balls of yarn. The second panel should be more exciting as it uses two colors. The yarn was purchased last summer but cast aside when cold weather hit. Thanks to Sheelagh for working out the yarn requirements for me (which are incorrect in the book).

Finally, is my Calmer Moderne blanket from the Mason-Dixon book. Another slow burn as it's garter stitch and can be boring after only a few rows.