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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Winter's Muse

This is what I miss about you guys. I found a LYS that has the Louisa Harding books and completely fell for Winter's Muse. I know you all like the book but I always hate buying books sight unseen. There are at least 3-4 patterns that I'd like to make here. And I love that you can substitute 3 of her yarns for each pattern to get a different result. It would be lovely if she'd show each pattern in more than one yarn but that would probably get expensive to test knit. Anyway, I think I may frog Cambridge and use my RYC alpaca for Audrey. The alpaca is too fuzzy for any stitch definition of the cables but Audrey has just the cables in the ribbing before all that stocking stitch.

Has anyone made anything from this book yet? (ps. paid $18 bloody dollars for that book in moment of must-have panic. Should have bought it from you Sheelagh and had Simon pick it up. He's back in the UK in late Jan/early Feb. Should I order some 'Grace' yarn now???)


Blogger Sheelagh said...

Will the alpaca frog OK? or will it get spoiltin the process? Hope not! What a shame about Cambridge -how'd they get it to look good in the photo?

If you are after Grace you'd best let me know what colour before he books his flight - it can take a while (nothing changes!!)

11:04 PM  

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