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Monday, October 16, 2006


As a first timer to Ally Pally I find myself in a bit of a funk about it.

I went on my own, on Friday and gave myself a budget of £200. Big budget but to start with I couldn't find anything that gave me the I NEEEEEEEDDD it feeling. To be honest I think the internet has jaded my view of yarns as nothing is really new.

Some of the stalls were nice to look at. Some of the stuff was just way over priced. Glass knitting needles who needs glass knitting needles.

Apart from my budget I also went with a plan, I would limit myself so that I could get the most enjoyment out of my purchases. I would get a project, some fibre for spinning, a nice bag for all my knitting bits and some accessories. Well I found the accessories, I brought myself a Kacha Kacha and a chibi and some very over priced stich markers but they were so funky I couldn't help myself. And well I settled on two very reasonably priced baskets, one for knitting and the other for fibre to sit in while I spin. I also found fibre, lots of it, lots of glorious merino tops in lovely vivid colours and 190g of longhaired wenslydale in a lovely colourway. I couldn't find a project that I really liked and didn't just want to settle just because I was at Ally Pally. Anyway that's when I ended up buying more fibre and an umbrella swift.

No surprise to anyone really that all that came to under £200.

I think actually for me the highlight of the day was finding a pyrography tool for David, finding the chocolate stand that sold delicious no crap goodies and well seeing Debbie Bliss.


Blogger Carol said...

Don't be in a funk - it sounds like you had a good time and were sensible. All good things. Any photos of your fiber??

12:19 PM  

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