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Friday, October 06, 2006

No photos again!

I'm making some good progress on many projects. Maybe settling into the house is helping. I've finished the first of the seven strips of the Big & Cozy throw. It's going to be enormous!! Only 42 more squares to go... It's very nice to knit as the weather is much colder at night and I love to have it on my lap. I'm also moving along on Snapdragon (finally). I've finished the armhole shaping on the back. Since the bottom was knit in the round, I should finish this quickly once I put my mind to it. If anyone has a look at the pattern - does it look like it cuts to close under the arms? There doesn't seem to be much give in it and I may add another inch before the shoulder shaping.
Will post photos as soon as I find the connector for the camera to the computer. I must be in one of these boxes...


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