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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The One

Yes, I know the house is covered in boxes and I should be doing other things but knitting is my calming influence during chaos. Anyway...I have cast on. Some know what this is but I won't post exactly as it was a special favor to let me have the pattern. This project has good karma already. The yarn arrives at the same time as I call Sheelagh to ask about it. The yarn feels like little hamsters (my fav pet growing up). I have the exact needles available to start (No, really. This is huge to find empty needles in my possession). And, the big one, I cast on the exact number of stitches needed without counting! I just cast a bunch on and then counted later and had 95 stitches! That never happens. So this project is getting classy accommodation in the suitcase, not the boxes set for Sea.
I'll be thinking of you all on Sunday as I do a few more rows on this...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll be thinking of you on Sunday, Carol. Glad that the unnamed project is going well.



10:59 PM  

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