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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mobius madness

Thanks for all the advice on casting this on. I'm still searching for the right fit for a knitting group. The best one I've been to has been at Circles but it's not the same as being around you guys on a Sunday afternoon and being able to call with questions. Anyway, the mobius has been cast on! And I think I've done it right! Sheelagh, I love this Silver Thaw. Why didn't I ever buy any before?? And the color is perfect. So many other projects started but I think this one is going to be finished quite soon. It's already very cold here so it will be a welcome addition.


Blogger Sheelagh said...

I'm glad you like it, Carol. It is very soft to knit with isn't it? Sue had her Silver thaw on on Sunday. Circles looks complicated - imagine the muddle I'd be in if i started a 'co-op' :)))


8:33 PM  

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