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Monday, October 30, 2006

Cambridge question

I'm getting increasingly nervous about my RYC alpaca dk and Cambridge pattern. If anyone has been following Polly's adventures with knitting this pattern, you'll understand. She makes a good point about the ribbing only looking good on Kate Moss. I've finished the back of Cambridge and, although I love the yarn & pattern, I'm worried about the fit. I was going to keep it for Grace if it didn't fit but I'm feeling selfish. That yarn is fab and would make a gorgeous wrap or shawl. Do I carry on or rip out???? Thoughts??

Monday, October 23, 2006


I was going to edit my profile, and it asks for an occupation. There are quite a few choices, but I reckon the most appropriate for a wool shop owner must be: Non-profit :))) (I knit the profits.... could be worse, I could own a bakery)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Purchases...

The top pic is Fyberspates 4ply - Elizabeth wants some gloves from this. It could take a while. I am using the glove pattern from Sarah Dallas' book in 4 ply soft - anyone know of any errors in that one? (the book is riddled with errors - beautiful book, but chock full of errors). I have also finished a throw for Louise in the Fyberspates mohair - very soft and pretty. Again garter stitch on 15mm needles, knits itself. You never know we may be seeing this in the shop sometime soon....

and then there is the sock yarn - I have never had this before, everyone talks about it so I had to buy some (why?) I'll probably knit a pair of sock with it at some time, but don't hold your breath!

Purchases from Ally Pally

This is the
Fiesta I bought at Threads and more I think it was called, it is knitting up very quickly - lets face it we have garter stitch and 15mm needles here, I defy it to knit up slowly! The ribbon was included and is a very beautiful silk tie dyed ribbon - but I don't think it is me - in fact I'm not sure that the jacket is me, but we'll see!

Plaid Throw

Here is my effort so far - I gave up over the summer, becasue it isn't half hot with it on your lap! So now I am about to start strip number 4, and I am positively zipping along. Yes it is all the same dye lot - a bit of shading I think. It is , as Carol says, Huge! But good fun and actually (despite the length of time it is taking me) quite quick to knit.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ally Pally

Katherine and I went on saturday with Alison a colleague from work. It was great. I went with the intention of buying sock yarn and sock yarn I bought. Along with a pack of Summer Tweed in yellow for get this £19.99. That is 10 hanks enough for a cardigan or jumper for me. It is shade 504 called gold.

I also bought 3 balls of Artesano Alpaca in grey to make the Heartstrings flared lace smoke ring. I'm not quite sure why as I can get it at the Yarn House but I did.

And lots of sock yarn. The ball is Schoeller & Stahl socka fortissima blues and greys to knit my mum a pair of socks for Christmas. I'd better get on with it. The blue and green skein on the left is Lornas Laces Shepherds Sock in colourway Black Watch. The browny one is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in colourway Java. The one at the front with the big label is Fleece Artist in colourway Sea Storm.

I bought a lovely hand bag for me in bruised leather only to find out on the train home that the zip wouldn't do up. That has been posted back to the supplier who assures me that another one is on its way.

Plus a pink felted bag for Phoebe for Xmas. The little balls on the bottom have tiny beads sewn into them.

I really liked looking at the Colinette stand and have chosen a colour for the Taglietelle jacket I want to knit. Colinette have started doing sock yarn called I think Jitterbug which looked really nice but I resisted!


It seems a very long time since I last posted because it probably is. Any way I have finished a cushion in cream Rowan denim out of the Rowan denim book. I had had this on the needles for some time, so it was a relief to finish it. Cables and hearts with a moss stich back.

I finished my sock wars socks but didn't take a picture and they have been posted to a lady in the States who likes them. I didn't like knitting them much though as they were DKon 3.75mm needles and came out really too chunky for my taste.

I have been knitting Noro kueryon mitre squares and have now done enough for half the throw I want to do. They are not sewn up in the picture as I want to play around with the colours. I am very pleased with it and Daniel wants it finished so he can curl up on the sofa with it. I'm not sure how to finish up the edge. Suggestions anyone?

Monday, October 16, 2006


As a first timer to Ally Pally I find myself in a bit of a funk about it.

I went on my own, on Friday and gave myself a budget of £200. Big budget but to start with I couldn't find anything that gave me the I NEEEEEEEDDD it feeling. To be honest I think the internet has jaded my view of yarns as nothing is really new.

Some of the stalls were nice to look at. Some of the stuff was just way over priced. Glass knitting needles who needs glass knitting needles.

Apart from my budget I also went with a plan, I would limit myself so that I could get the most enjoyment out of my purchases. I would get a project, some fibre for spinning, a nice bag for all my knitting bits and some accessories. Well I found the accessories, I brought myself a Kacha Kacha and a chibi and some very over priced stich markers but they were so funky I couldn't help myself. And well I settled on two very reasonably priced baskets, one for knitting and the other for fibre to sit in while I spin. I also found fibre, lots of it, lots of glorious merino tops in lovely vivid colours and 190g of longhaired wenslydale in a lovely colourway. I couldn't find a project that I really liked and didn't just want to settle just because I was at Ally Pally. Anyway that's when I ended up buying more fibre and an umbrella swift.

No surprise to anyone really that all that came to under £200.

I think actually for me the highlight of the day was finding a pyrography tool for David, finding the chocolate stand that sold delicious no crap goodies and well seeing Debbie Bliss.

Sari Yarn

Two posts in one day! I could get to like this - unlike the Sari yarn I bought yesterday. I have wound three hanks into balls, that is THREE hanks into EIGHT balls. That is three hanks of pretty much the same colour, into eight balls of wildly varying colours. My hands are sore and they smell.

I don't like this stuff - yes I know its recycled and therefore a Good Thing, but at the price I paid, I sort of expected a little more quality control.

Speaking of recycled - did anyone see the recycled London yarn and general organic yarn at the show? I overheard little snippets of the girl on the stand preaching to a lady about Big Yarn Companies....it's not in their interest to recycle...the planet...da de da... all good stuff and very comendable. So I thought I would buy some, reached for a hank and ouch - it was like a Brillo pad (which of course I wouldn't dream of using because it is a Bad Thing). What a shame - if only they could produce something that was good for the environment AND usable. Maybe next year eh?

Ally Pally Report!

We had a brilliant time yesterday. The girls would have been quite happy to sit at the relax and knit learning how to do finger knittting (again) and then going for the world record.... BUT they didn't get to do that - not till they had seen EVERYTHING!! I know - please don't call social services, I think they actually enjoyed going round the stands!

We bought a kit for doing rag rugs - didn't realise till after I had handed over the dosh that it didn't include the rags - oops! So I had to buy a rotary cutter, and a board so that we can cut up old clothes. Expensive recycling I call it. We will do that up in Newcastle at half term.

My purchases: 2 hanks of Fyberspates mohair(incredibly soft) for a shawl for Louise (nearly finished!) One of their 4 ply for a pair of gloves for Elizabeth - I've never knitted gloves before, I'm sure socks would be more useful, but she insists on gloves and the pattern is truly awful - just reading it, it is full of mistakes. So I'll have to find another. I got some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn - why? I don't knit socks!! I aslo got some (Australian??) Fiesta called La Boheme, which is gorgeous it is 2 stranded yarn one is kid mohair and wool, the other is a boucle and I shall photo it when the camera is charged up! Also some Sari Silk, no idea why, it feels horrid, but it is bright and cheerful. I think that is about it.

I saw - glass needles at frightening prices, but they were packaged so that the ends were kept separated, so I wonder how they would stand up to actual knitting use. Hip knits had some even more expensive painted wooden needles. I saw and touched (without being told off) yarn costing £75 per hank - it had diamonds in it. I wouldn't want to use it though. I had to pass again on Alison Dupernex garments - there was silk one I would have loved - £235 though.

All or nothing with me isn't it? But I know you wanted to hear about Ally Pally. I will try and do some pics...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Love big knitting

The Big & Cozy throw is back! I've done 3 more squares in the past week. Only three as I'm trying to finish two other projects. I can't believe how huge this throw/blanket is going to be!
p.s. Trying to work on Snapdragon as well but only managing a couple rows per day.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Give us a good write up of Ally Pally!! Some of the exhibitions look great (if you can leave the stands!).

No photos again!

I'm making some good progress on many projects. Maybe settling into the house is helping. I've finished the first of the seven strips of the Big & Cozy throw. It's going to be enormous!! Only 42 more squares to go... It's very nice to knit as the weather is much colder at night and I love to have it on my lap. I'm also moving along on Snapdragon (finally). I've finished the armhole shaping on the back. Since the bottom was knit in the round, I should finish this quickly once I put my mind to it. If anyone has a look at the pattern - does it look like it cuts to close under the arms? There doesn't seem to be much give in it and I may add another inch before the shoulder shaping.
Will post photos as soon as I find the connector for the camera to the computer. I must be in one of these boxes...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Sorry to all as I have been having wars with the broadband and have not been able to upload any of the photos taken yet. Will keep on trying to do so.