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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is there anyone out there?

Ok, I start the blog for everyone to share and there have been no posts but mine! Well, I'll continue to post until someone else does. As you know, it's been too freakin hot to knit. So the Plaid throw has remained untouched. The red Rothko throw has increased from 11" to 16" thanks to a long car ride. No photo as it's too boring to record. The Calmer blanket is showing promise. I've progressed from the 4th block to the 7th! As the blocks become bigger, the knitting gets slower and I lose interest.

How is everyone's DB Easy Jacket coming along? I cast on for the back after the last knit & relax and have done 8". I'm making it slightly longer but still only a little way to go before starting the raglan shaping.

I hope everyone doesn't think they need to post photos. A quick post and comment is nice too.


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