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Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have had a run on finishing this week. 3 items since Sunday. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I have got 2 pairs of socks and a KSH scarf to knit by the beginning of March for presents. I haven't started any of them and am in denial.

Anyway photos of 2 of finished objects.

Rolling Thunder socks from the last Knitty in Lornas Laces Shepherds Sock Gold Hill. I really like them lovely and soft and the only problem I had was on the first sock. The top of the sock is doubled over. You start with a provisional crochet cast on, knit the inside of the cuff followed by the outside and then knit the live stiches together with the ones from the provisional cast on. Only trouble was I had started knitting at the wrong end of the cast on and it wouldn't unravel smoothly so I had a dreadful job unpicking the waste yarn. I did not make that mistake on the 2nd sock.

Crochet cardigan for Phoebe, using Cashsoft 4 ply. What I lovely yarn, I have never used any cashsoft before but I certainly will again. The pattern is in November 2006 Knit Today, and ther was a sample on a dummy at Ally Pally. The pattern was marked easy. It certainly was not easy. I should think I ripped a third to a half of what I actually crocheted. The shaping was the problem coupled with the pattern not being particulary clear. Still it looks nice on her now its finished, but I will not be doing that particular pattern again.

Also finished is a scarf for Phoebe using Phildar yarn brought back from France for me by Katherine. Three different yarns, tape, eyelash and funny fluffy bobbles different colours spaced along a fine thread. Knitted with 2 yarns together always the tape and 4 rows alternately of the eyelash and bobbles. No photo I am afraid as she has worn it to school.

I got a very nice Kim Hargreaves kit for christmas. http://www.kimhargreaves.co.uk/acatalog/Charm.html
In colour phantom. I want to start it but also want to finish a few other things first, plus the 3 persents take priority.


Blogger Sheelagh said...

I'd count that as THREE finished projects, Philippa (but then I'm a cheat sorry - I mean optimist!!!)


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