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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rolling Thunder

I should never have cast this on at all. Even though Mum's socks for Xmas are finished I am only part way up the first front of Phoebe's cardigan & I wanted to finish it for Xmas. I have an evre expanding sock yarn stash and certainly did not need to buy any more. I really like the other Lornas Laces socks I have knitted very soft and comfortable.

Yarn Lornas Laces colourway Gold Hill exactly the same as on knitty but totally different colours. Very bright on Knitty pinks etc, much more muted on mine greens reds golds purples. The colour is fairly accurate from the photo. I prefer it, should have the welt finished this pm and be on to the rib.

The colours don't seem to be pooling on 2.25mm needles which is really good as there was a certain amount of pooling going on with the previous pair.


Blogger Carol said...

I prefer the colorway you received. Looks great so far!

8:42 PM  

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