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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Socks, Socks, Socks

I have been knitting socks! Not much else but lots of socks. Mainly because we went on the boat last week for half term and they are portable.

Finished socks in the pictures are Opal Tiger socks for Gareth out of just less than half the ball I had left when I had finished Daniel's. They have a short row garter stitch heel.

Lornas Laces socks for me in Lake View. The colours haven't come out very well with the flash. They are brighter than that. Lots of turquise and green. The pattern is slipped stich rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. They are lovely and soft but I am a bit concerned about how well they will wear.

Also I have knitted one mittern for Phoebe in Opal sock yarn bright pink and I have got to the first heel of my Mum's Xmas socks, so I think that I am doing quite well!

I will not be at Knit & Relax on Sunday as we are going to move the boat from its temporary mooring between the locks to our permanent berth in the new Marina which will be much better!

I almost forgot. My sock wars socks arrived while I was away and now I am dead! They are knitted in Rowan wool cotton in a sort of khaki color with purple tops, heels and toes. Nice yarn, nice colours. Only trouble is it is like they were knitted by a comittee. One sock is very good, the other not nearly so with a ladder down the sole and the toe finished with a 3 needle bind off not grafted. Still I have been knocked out which is the main thing and I certainly won't be participating if they do it again!


Blogger Carol said...

Not impressed with the story of your sock wars socks - sounds like someone rushed through just to be finished first. That's cheating to me.

Like the Lorna's laces. Simon's socks from almost a year ago in that yarn are wearing well. They pil a little but otherwise ok.

5:39 PM  

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