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Monday, October 16, 2006

Ally Pally Report!

We had a brilliant time yesterday. The girls would have been quite happy to sit at the relax and knit learning how to do finger knittting (again) and then going for the world record.... BUT they didn't get to do that - not till they had seen EVERYTHING!! I know - please don't call social services, I think they actually enjoyed going round the stands!

We bought a kit for doing rag rugs - didn't realise till after I had handed over the dosh that it didn't include the rags - oops! So I had to buy a rotary cutter, and a board so that we can cut up old clothes. Expensive recycling I call it. We will do that up in Newcastle at half term.

My purchases: 2 hanks of Fyberspates mohair(incredibly soft) for a shawl for Louise (nearly finished!) One of their 4 ply for a pair of gloves for Elizabeth - I've never knitted gloves before, I'm sure socks would be more useful, but she insists on gloves and the pattern is truly awful - just reading it, it is full of mistakes. So I'll have to find another. I got some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn - why? I don't knit socks!! I aslo got some (Australian??) Fiesta called La Boheme, which is gorgeous it is 2 stranded yarn one is kid mohair and wool, the other is a boucle and I shall photo it when the camera is charged up! Also some Sari Silk, no idea why, it feels horrid, but it is bright and cheerful. I think that is about it.

I saw - glass needles at frightening prices, but they were packaged so that the ends were kept separated, so I wonder how they would stand up to actual knitting use. Hip knits had some even more expensive painted wooden needles. I saw and touched (without being told off) yarn costing £75 per hank - it had diamonds in it. I wouldn't want to use it though. I had to pass again on Alison Dupernex garments - there was silk one I would have loved - £235 though.

All or nothing with me isn't it? But I know you wanted to hear about Ally Pally. I will try and do some pics...


Blogger Carol said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad the girls enjoyed it so much. Did you notice that Grace is wearing your sweater in the last post? Not staged either! I just noticed as I was getting ready to comment on your post. x

12:21 PM  

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